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14 Deadly Denials

Posted by admin on Nov 6, 2014 9:11:00 AM

medclaims email banner1.jpgMore than 90% of the claims we see that have been denied fall under these 14 denial causes.

  1. Not a Covered Benefit
  2. No 1st Party Benefits
  3. Cannot ID Member
  4. Benefits Exhausted
  5. Untimely Filing
  6. Lack of Pre--Certification
  7. Out of Network
  8. Benefits Termed
  9. Medicare, Patient Incarcerated
  10. Additional Info Needed
  11. COBRA not elected
  12. Plan is Unfunded
  13. Workers Comp Denied
  14. PIP Application not Filed

We urge you not to let your cash flow be jeopardized by these 14 deadly denials. Resurrect your claims with MCI!

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