About MedClaims International

About Us.jpgMedClaims International, LLC (MCI) is an industry leader in assisting hospitals to receive payment for uncompensated healthcare. Our success rate in overturning denied claims consistently averages 31-35% when claims are placed with our firm.

MCI was founded in 2001 with the focus of supporting institutional medical providers with the burden of uncompensated healthcare. Today, MCI is contracted with over 125 acute care facilities including trauma centers, surgical centers, LTACs, behavioral health facilities and rehabilitation centers across the country.

Recently, in order to support growth and client demands, MedClaims formed a strategic partnership with Credit Management Company; a full service accounts receivable and collection management firm. We are proud to offer our customers our outstanding insurance denial services while CMC can offer the additional benefit of self pay collection services.

How We Can Help

  • Do you write off unpaid claims to bad debt each year?
  • Do you have a team committed to follow-up on unpaid claims and appeal denials?
  • Would you like to be paid more for the services you’ve rendered for patient care?

If you said yes to any of the above, contact MedClaims today to see how we can help.